For example, let’s say you teach people how to better organize their lives and offices. Here’s the broad, generalized before: “In the past, my client used to really struggle with organization. Her home office was so filled with clutter that she wasted hours looking for stuff.” And here’s the specific after: “After using my program, her office is now so well organized that she’s cut her work time in half AND doubled her income.”. The evening ended with Keehnan walking me home because he didn rust me to get there on my own, which was partially his fault since he brought a sports bottle full of vodka to my house earlier that evening. Just steps form my stoop (nice alliteration)I totally bit it and fell face forward, scraping my hands into bloody shreds. Laughing, I looked up and there were about five sets of hands helping me up.. WELL one day a few months ago. Ben came home and said there is this old house he wanted to show me. And the minute he said “old” i was like. This can make genuine, honest people doubt that what they are doing is right if this character gets away with it. The flip side is that they are always found out. It may take 1 year or 20 years, but they will be called to account eventually. But for 2017, Sachs and Nike instead opted for a breathable, polyester warp knit tricot mesh, while subtle tweaks were also made to the shoe outsole tread and pull tabs. The shoe was initially released at Nike and Tom Sachs’ Space Camp, an obstacle course where the trophy was a pair of sneakers. The uncanny collaboration was not just a means to produce a shoe (albeit, a very special shoe), but an inspiring reminder of how ideas and experience can be manifested in a product..

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