Other opinions welcome. I found the data compelling and very apt for the article. There’s nothing POV about it actually; Ogden is not commenting on it, merely reporting exactly what he saw. For legal reasons, his research is unique (how many other researchers have sat in on voluntary euthanasias? None afaik), so there are no secondary sources to draw upon (yet). If material can be supported by either primary or secondary sources the secondary sources should be used, when available. MEDRS says that if conclusions (observations) are worth mentioning, they should be “described appropriately as from a single study”. MEDRS states that “a reason to avoid primary sources in the biomedical field especially papers reporting results of in vitro experiments is that they are often not replicable”, but I’d argue that this is not relevant to an observational study such as this, one that is not claiming any novel result or breakthrough, so it seems there is no prohibition on using it. As to UNDUE, it is not as if by quoting it we are piling more and more of Ogden’s opinions into the article, merely his objective observations, same as you or I would have made in the circumstances. Ratel (talk) 22:53, 15 May 2016 (UTC)

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