Come join the Horton/Burchette reunion on Saturday at the home of Lisa and David Lane, formerly the home of Lisa’s grandparents, Beatrice and William Horton, on Pylesville Road in Whiteford. Come and visit with family and friends while you reminisce the old times and find out what new is going on.

Parrott said he and his allies had no trouble persuading voters, including many Democrats, to sign once they saw the map’s convoluted lines which in some cases weave from county to county to suit the specific preferences of incumbents. The lawmaker said signature gathering was especially strong in Anne Arundel County, which is split among four congressional districts.

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A 2008 national champion at Iowa, he has been an assistant at Iowa and Bloomsburg.College field hockey: Former Maryland assistant Steve Simpson has rejoined the Terps as a volunteer assistant. He will reunite with coach Missy Meharg after two seasons at Syracuse, during which the Orange went 38 7 and appeared in two Final Fours.

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City educators have reported that in an effort to crackdown on teacher truancy, the district has directed that principals discourage teachers from using their sick leave, to the point where their absences could be reflected in their year end evaluations. Baltimore Teacher Union officials confirmed that it is a message being communicated in schools across the district..

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