Fruit bearing vines, like the grapevine is often associated with provision too. Grapevines are symbols of bounty and big beautiful harvests. Grapes, and their vines are sacred to Bacchus, the Roman god of wine.

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Goyard Replica Handbags In 1873, the teenage Tongzhi Emperor attempted to rebuild the Old Summer Palace, on the pretext of turning it into a place of retirement for his two former regents, the empress dowagers Ci’an and Cixi. However, the imperial court lacked the financial resources to rebuild the homesite palace, and at the urging of the court, the emperor finally agreed to stop the project in 1874. During the 1880s, an adjacent imperial gardens, the Gardens of Clear Ripples (the present day Summer Palace) was restored for the use of Empress Dowager Cixi as a new summer resort, albeit on a smaller scale Goyard Replica Handbags.